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Mens 5 Zone Heated Jacket with Battery Kit

How it works
    • ✔ 5 heating zones powered by carbon fiber heating elements
      ✔ Selecting heating levels with two channel control for body heating and pockets hand warmer
      ✔ Quick-heat function and last up to 8 hours
      ✔ Wind resistance & DWR (Durable water resistance) coating
      ✔ Come with 7.4V 5000mAh Li-Polymer battery packs
      ✔ 100% machine washable
      ✔ Dryer is forbidden
      ✔ TSA friendly
    • Ptahdus Heated Jacket features 5 heating zones on back, chest and pockets, which delivers ultra-comfort in winter. Water & wind resistance soft shell layer with thick cotton and inner brushed tricot keeps you warm in those wind and rainy cold days. Take it as your guarding gear to challenge this coming winter
    • 1 x Ptahdus heated jacket
      1 x Ptahdus rechargeable 7.4V 5000mAh battery
      1 x Charger
      1 x User manual

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How Does Heated Jacket Works

Q: Are The Batteries High Quality?

A: We use rechargeable batteries that are made to last long and pass plenty of quality tests, like falling test, charge-discharge test, short cut test and etc.

Q: Is There A Danger Of Electrocution?

A: This jacket won’t electrocute you because we take great care in how they are built. The battery is designed with short-cut protection and smart voltage detection, which will cut the power automatically once electric circuit is abnormal. Even if you accidentally rip the jacket, there is very little chance you will be exposed to any dangers.

Q: Can my heated jacket catch fire?

A: No. When designing heated jackets, a lot of care is put into ensuring that the garment will not catch fire. The heating elements are designed to not be conductive and no live current is present. The major material, carbon fiber has high flash point about 1800℉, which means the probability of burn is minimal.

Q: Can It Charge My Mobile Phone?

A: Yes. This heated jacket can charge a majority of portable devices during heating, but you should distribute the power well or prepare a backup battery to assure you have enough energy to power the heating jacket.

Q: Where are the “heaters” located?

A: Ptahdus heated jacket have 5 heating zone that locate the back, chest and pockets (hand warmer).

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: It can last for up to 8 hours, but depends on the heating level and heating place. Ptahdus heated jacket has 3 different selectable heating level and two channel controls to turn on/off the body heating and pocket hand warmer respectively. All these will affect the actual serve time before recharge again.

Q: Are heated jackets heavy?

A: Ptahdus heated jacket has the similar weight as the normal one. The battery, heating element, and heat controller all are generally made from lightweight but high quality materials. They won’t add too much weight on the jacket.

Q: Where Is The Battery Kept?

A: The battery is kept in the inner left pocket that is near the bottom of jackets.

Q: Are heated jackets hard to wash?

A: No, it is 100% machine washable. You can just throw it into the washing machine. Please remember that you mustn’t use the dryer. Only hand dry and air dry.